From Cradle to Grave, the Wood Pallet is the Environmental Choice.

Trees are harvested to produce housing materials, furniture and wood flooring.  Lumber that lacks cosmetic appeal, but offers strength and durability, is used to manufacture pallets.  White wood pallets provide a cost effective platform that is reusable, repairable, recyclable and made from a renewable resource.

There are more trees in the United States than there were 70 years ago.  In the nation’s commercial forests, net annual growth exceeds harvests (and losses to insects and disease) by an impressive 50 percent each year.  Forest products companies are in the business of growing and harvesting trees, so reforestation is an incredibly important part of the sustainability process for them.

Recycling and Repurposing

When pallets can no longer be repaired to a standard that will ensure protection of the goods being shipped on them and safety for the workers handling the load, they are recycled into new products.  Those products include landscape mulch, animal bedding, boiler fuel, firewood and wood stove pellets.  At L&R Pallet, we not only refurbish over 8000 wooden pallets per day and put them back into the market as pallets intended for their original design, but we also repurpose over 1500 pallets per day into many of these other products.  Even the nails from ground pallet are removed and recycled as scrap metal to be used again.

“Upcylce”  has become a new buzz word that means:  1. To reconstruct items towards new uses.  2. To Extract usefulness from waste through clever reassembly. 3. To Return unwanted used objects to the market place through Art and Functionality.

Recycled Pallet decking used for flooring and paneling is a creative, Earth-friendly, and inexpensive way to add some beautiful wood to your decor.  L&R Pallet has made it easy to salvage this very sustainable resource and make it available to the public.  No matter what your remodeling project might be, we can be your source for the rustic pallet material you desire.

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