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Kingdom Business: The Concept

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness – Matthew 6:33

So many hours of our days are spent in the workplace and we want those hours to matter. We want to find meaning and purpose in our work. Many Christians often feel that Sunday is disconnected from the realities of Monday-Saturday and this is especially true when it comes to the integration of faith and business.

Most people would define business as trade, commercial activity, and that those in charge are the ones to generate profit and long-term wealth. Most businesses are focused on one outcome: the bottom line. There is nothing inherently wrong with this view, though it is a very limited view of business. Financial outcomes are important. You cannot run a business without profit. But what if a business was focused on additional outcomes, eternal outcomes?

Being Inspired By & Working
Kingdom at Work

Five years ago, James connected with Rick and Holly Betenbough, of Betenbough Homes in Lubbock, Texas. Rick and Holly Betenbough not only inspired the team of L&R Pallet but taught them the fundamentals of the Kingdom Business model. The kingdom business movement seeks to inspire, equip and ignite leaders to advance God’s Kingdom through influence in the marketplace.  A growing number of Christian-led businesses are integrating their faith into their business model in creative and redemptive ways.  

  • A kingdom business expands the definition of business and the marketplace in a way that honors God and neighbor.  
  • A kingdom business is an enterprise directed by the Holy Spirit and managed by a godly leader that uses their time, talent, and money to meet the spiritual and/or physical needs of the community around them.
  • A kingdom business is not owned by an individual. The individual that the God has entrusted with the business is therefore a steward of the business.

Simply put, a kingdom business is Gods business, managed Gods way, by Gods steward, for Gods purposes in the world. James and Carine Ruder hope to steward a business and encourage others to conduct business in such a way that acknowledges that whole work week belongs to God, the giver of all.