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New Pallets

L&R Pallet strives to be the absolute best value when making a decision to purchase new pallets for your company.  By investing in the most technologically advanced lumber milling and automated pallet assembly equipment available, we are able to streamline production costs and develop a high quality manufacturing facility unmatched in the region.  We utilize a wide variety of lumber species that are railed and trucked directly into our facility daily.  With a limitless range of pallet designs and sizes to choose from, simply contact us today.  Our customer advocates and sales team will help you discover how we can help find the best solutions for your new pallet needs.

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Reconditioned Pallets

L&R Pallet has established a rock-solid reputation based on quality products and services that you can rely on.  Whether you are buying or selling used pallets, we are committed to being your vendor of choice. Our high-volume pallet procurement and repair capabilities ensure that you get a great product at a very competitive price.  With 45 years of industry experience, we have developed some of the best pallet processing methods and efficiencies in the nation.

Did you know that pallets are not a single-use product? Used pallets can easily re-enter the supply pool and perform just as efficiently as brand new pallets. Reconditioned wood pallets are a more environmentally-friendly option than only relying on the creation of new pallets for every shipment.

The reconditioned pallets that are for sale from L&R Pallet are always inspected by our team prior to shipment and are guaranteed to perform as intended. Our remanufactured pallets (also known as “combo” or “hybrid” pallets) are rebuilt using existing parts of pallets no longer fit for use. These rebuilt pallets are inspected closely and tested to ensure the highest level of quality and functionality.

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Computer Designed Pallets

The Pallet Design System (PDS) is the premier computer-aided design tool that L&R Pallet uses to produce the best pallet at the lowest cost for our customers.  By analyzing design features and choice of wood, we can better predict performance levels for pallets in specific environments. Whether your challenge is improving safety, decreasing product damage, enhancing quality, or reducing your pallet expense, you can count on L&R Pallet to provide breakthrough solutions with PDS.

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Green Fiber Recycled
Wood Products

Dedicated to recycling wood waste for over 30 years, L&R Pallet has a long history of environmental responsibility.  We focus on the best methods to repair, recycle, renew and reuse wooden pallets. We are proud to have a complete recycling program for all pallets that enter our facility. Non-Standard and un-repairable pallets are run through dismantling machines where all salvageable wood is removed, inspected and re-cut to be reused.  We transform used pallets into high quality-recycled products, and offer wood waste disposal programs as an alternative to pallets ending up in a landfill.  All discarded scrap produced at our facility is processed into recycled garden mulch and other wood fiber products. At L&R we believe there is nothing more recyclable than wood and we are committed to doing it responsibly.


Playground Material

Animal Bedding

Green Responsibility

At L&R Pallet, we conduct ourselves with integrity in all we do and that includes our environmental stance. We feel the responsibility that comes from using natural materials, and we take preservation of those natural resources seriously. Our Green Responsibility policy is simple:

From Cradle to Grave, the Wood Pallet is the Environmental Choice.

Trees are harvested to produce housing materials, furniture and wood flooring.  Lumber that lacks cosmetic appeal, but offers strength and durability, is used to manufacture pallets.  White wood pallets provide a cost effective platform that is reusable, repairable, recyclable and made from a renewable resource.

There are more trees in the United States than there were 70 years ago.  In the nation’s commercial forests, net annual growth exceeds harvests (and losses to insects and disease) by an impressive 50 percent each year.  Forest products companies are in the business of growing and harvesting trees, so reforestation is an incredibly important part of the sustainability process for them.

Recycling and Repurposing

When pallets can no longer be repaired to a standard that will ensure protection of the goods being shipped on them and safety for the workers handling the load, they are recycled into new products.  Those products include landscape mulch, animal bedding, boiler fuel, firewood and wood stove pellets. At L&R Pallet, we not only refurbish over 8000 wooden pallets per day and put them back into the market as pallets intended for their original design, but we also repurpose over 1500 pallets per day into many of these other products.  Even the nails from ground pallet are removed and recycled as scrap metal to be used again.

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